Home-made litter scoop

Check out this neat little idea!

A litter scoop made out an old soda bottle!  I am in the process of making one for myself (I am using a large Simply Orange bottle)!  The reason I am making one is because I had to bring in one of my feral cats.  He is in a back room, so as not to infect my house cat if he is sick.  I need to scoop his litter box but do not want to transfer worms to my house cat, if the feral has worms.  Didn’t feel like going to the store and spending money on a new scoop, so I looked around and found this little gem.  Enjoy!

Full instructions at MessyBeast.com

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Another funny cat video!

I just can’t stop searching youtube for funny animal videos. There is nothing like a cat getting his head stuck in a cup (and being helped out of it, of course!) to brighten your day!!

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Playing a Trivia Game Provides FREE KIBBLE to Animal Shelters!

I came across this great website today that provides free kibble to animal shelters.  free

All you have to do is answer their trivia question each day and they will provide 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters to feed their hungry dogs and cats.  You (and the animals) win, whether you get the answer right or wrong!!  How great is that?

Freekibble’s first donation was to the Humane Society of Central Oregon- a whopping 240 lbs of kibble!!  Since then, they have raised over 285,000 lbs of kibble and have 13 shelters across the country on a monthly program.  Please visit freekibble.com to play the trivia game, feed hungry animals, and learn more about this great organization!!  And please- spread the word!!!

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