DIY: Pom Pom Dog Toy

Pom-Pom Ball Toy 6

My friend, Michelle, is essentially the Martha Stewart of Pets.  When I went to visit her for Christmas, I saw all of these adorable pet toys and she casually stated, “I made those.”  I was impressed.  Some of them even had squeekies in them!  She sent me the link to one of the toys she made, called the fleece pom pom ball.  See the instructions here.

One day, I will make one of these for my dogs and when I do, I will post my results on the blog. If any of you make a pom pom ball, please share your experience and pictures!  We would love to see them!

Michelle’s tips:

Once I wrap it around the cardboard, I tie it in several bundles though, not one like it says on the website, and then combine the bundles.  Otherwise, the fleece pieces fall out too easily.

Have a happy play day with your pooch!!

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