Low Cost Vaccinations

Are you having trouble affording your vet bills? Petco offers low-cost vaccinations at certain times of the month. All services are conducted by a licensed veterinarian.  I took my dog, Zoe, to the petco in New Orleans for her annual vaccinations.  It was so much easier than I had anticipated!  We went into Petco, filled out a form, stood in line, and when it was her turn, they put her on a table, gave her the shots, and viola! a fully vaccinated dog for a FRACTION of what it costs to go to the vet.  They also sell discounted heartworm and flea prevention.

You can take part in this low-cost vaccination program at the Petco in: New Orleans, Houma, Monroe, Metairie, Shreveport South, Kenner, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Lake Charles, and Lafayette.  Please visit the website for scheduled dates and times or email:  drajhall@lowcostvaccination.com or call: 1-800-978-3910 for more information.

Vaccinations available for cats, dogs, and ferrets.

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Mardi Paws on the Northshore!

2003 Captain

Don’t forget to check out Mardi Paws 2010 along Lakeshore Dr. in Mandeville.  It’s sure to be tons of fun!  All dogs are required to be in costume or at least heavily adorned with beads, feathers, etc.  It’s always fun to watch dogs who have been dressed up in costume.  Really, I don’t think anything can beat it.  It is, perhaps, the reason we live.  The reason we get up in the morning.  The reason we carry on in this cruel, cruel world.  Dogs in costume- they save us from ourselves.

The parade is on Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 12:30 pm.  Same day registration – $15 for one dog, $45 for 3 or more dogs from the same household.  Or just come and watch the festivities!  Please visit Mardi Paws.com for all the details and contact info for the parade!

Don’t miss it, or you’ll be kicking yourself later!!

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Custody battles over pets lost during Katrina

During Katrina, many pet owners were forced to leave their beloved pets behind.  Despite many people’s furious attempts to stay with their animals, they were forcibly made to leave without them.  The animals that were rescued were taken to shelters, where after 5 days, they were either put up for adoption or euthanized.  

At first, it seems wonderful that so many of these pets were able to find new homes.  And for many of them, it is. For many, their previous owners never came back- either they couldn’t, or they wouldn’t.  But what about those animals whose previous owners did come back?  Whose previous owners were wracked with guilty and sick from worry?  What happens when the animal’s previous owners find them?  Is it a joyous reunion, or a tear-stained custody battle?  What of these new owners who have taken this animal into their family and love him/her just as much as the other family loved him/her?  Now the pet’s previous owners want their pets back, but the new owners love these animals too.  

I cannot imagine how heart-wrenching the entire situation must be.  I cannot picture my animals as anyone’s but mine.  How do the courts solve a situation such as this?  Pets are family, they are love, they are our whole world. And yet, to the law, they are property.

“MINE is the powerful story about the essential bond between humans and animals told against the backdrop of one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history.”  The filmmaker notes:”What’s really interesting is how important pets are to people and how far people will go.”  How far would you go?

Visit the official website and view the trailer at minethemovie.com

**Mine opens in theaters nationwide in January**

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Mystic Krewe of Barkus 2010

It’s almost that time, again!  Mardi Gras 2010!  I can see it now: Beads!  Beer!  Barking?  Yep!  The Mystic Krewe of Barkus proves that even dogs have a place in our beloved New Orleans traditions.  The parade occurs on Sunday, February 7, 2010.  It begins at Armostrong Park at 2pm and will follow the traditional route.  There is also a “Pawty” before, during, and after (gotta love new orleans!) at Armstrong Park starting at 10:30 am.

If you plan on attending the Pawty, it is free of charge to one and all.  If you plan on dressing your pooch up in a fantastic Mardi Gras costume and allowing him to romp around the streets of New Orleans with all of his party-loving pooch friends, you’ll have to register either online or on-site.  If you choose to register the day of the parade, you will sign up at Armstrong Park and pay a $50 registration fee.  Signing up online saves you a bit of dough.  Additionally, if you want to register without attending the parade, you can do so online for $20 which will benefit homeless animal rescue and adoption.

Don’t forget about the Barkus Royal Ball!  Friday, February 13.  Unfortunately, this black-tie event is for humans only.  Find out more information here.

Check out these great pics from last years parade:


For more information, visit http://www.barkus.org or http://www.mardigrasparadeschedule.com/krewes/barkus/

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LAspca free and discounted spay days for Feral Cats

Hello, I received this email from the LAspca and wanted to pass it on.  This is for feral cats.

“Just to pass this on: SAF is hosting a FREE Spay Day on January 24th, exclusive to people trapping in Jefferson Parish. If you have colonies in JP, with priority given to the West Bank , take advantage of the great deal below. If you didn’t have a chance to sign up for our Satur-Spay, or if you still have a desperate need for FREE S/N services, call SAF immediately.

The Spay Jefferson program, through Southern Animal Foundation, will be hosting a FREE feral cat spay/neuter day for those trapping Jefferson Parish colonies. The s/n day will be Sunday, Jan. 24th at the SAF Annex building,
1829 Magazine St. This is an appointment only event, so please call 975-7387 to reserve your spaces. When calling, leave a message and please specify the TNR event on the 24th. Please feel free to forward this info
to those people that are trapping in Jefferson Parish only. We are making this day available with a generous donation from a private donor, and it is specifically for TNR of JP cats. I’ll be booking approximately 60-70 cats.

**Please note – priority will be given to those that can trap on the Westbank of JP. There is a real need in 70072 and 70094 zip codes and very few trappers hit that area.**

–All cats must be in traps.
–All cats will be ear tipped.
–Drop off time will be 7:30-9:30 AM; pick up same day between 5-6 PM.
–Address/zip codes will be recorded for Spay Jefferson data submitted to the parish;

the JPAS has recognized a need in the Marrero, Westwego, Waggaman, Avondale, and Bridge City areas based on cats coming into shelter; for that reason, we are making them priority.

We also have about 5 spots left for the LA/SPCA Satur-Spay on the 30th (no parish preference given.) First come, first served to any professional trapper or caretaker with proof of government assistance. Call 762-3306 if you’d like these last spots.

Heather J. Rigney
Disaster Preparedness Coordinator
Feral Cat Coordinator
Louisiana SPCA
Phone: 504-368-5191 ext 205
Fax: 504-368-5108


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New Orleans Feral Cat Meetup Group

Taking care of feral cats is not an easy task.  I care for 9 feral cats in my own backyard and it can be quite daunting at times.  It is nice to know that there are other feral cat caregivers out there.  People who understand why you allow feral cats to live on your screened in porch (don’t they have fleas?  They could give you a disease!) and why you spend so much money on food for them when you can barely afford food for yourself (They’re cats- don’t they eat mice?  Why do you keep feeding them?). People who understand the amazing rewards that these feral cats provide despite their skittish and sometimes downright anti-social nature. Additionally, it’s nice to have others to share ideas with and to ask questions of.  This is my first time caring for feral cats, so I scoured the internet looking for ways to help them, especially as cold weather loomed.  I was so glad to find this organization on Meetup.com, called the New Orleans Feral Cat Meetup Group.  Here’s what they have to say about their group:

“Alley Cat Allies has targeted the New Orleans, LA area to raise awareness, educate the community, and increase networking among active individuals in the area. Through workshops, outreach, and organizing you will learn about outdoor cats, feral cat colony care, Trap-Neuter-Return, and the importance of accessible, affordable, neuter services.

Feral Cats are outdoor cats that are unsocialized to humans and therefore unadoptable as pets. They have many individuals that love and care for them regularly. This meet-up group will provide an opportunity for you to network with other like-minded individuals in your area, and hear of activities going on near you!

Join Alley Cat Allies to learn how you can care for and advocate on behalf of the cats in your community.

Visit http://www.alleycat.org/neworleans for more information.”

Connect with others who share your passion for all cats, including the down and out.  Join them HERE.

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