Mystic Krewe of Barkus 2010

It’s almost that time, again!  Mardi Gras 2010!  I can see it now: Beads!  Beer!  Barking?  Yep!  The Mystic Krewe of Barkus proves that even dogs have a place in our beloved New Orleans traditions.  The parade occurs on Sunday, February 7, 2010.  It begins at Armostrong Park at 2pm and will follow the traditional route.  There is also a “Pawty” before, during, and after (gotta love new orleans!) at Armstrong Park starting at 10:30 am.

If you plan on attending the Pawty, it is free of charge to one and all.  If you plan on dressing your pooch up in a fantastic Mardi Gras costume and allowing him to romp around the streets of New Orleans with all of his party-loving pooch friends, you’ll have to register either online or on-site.  If you choose to register the day of the parade, you will sign up at Armstrong Park and pay a $50 registration fee.  Signing up online saves you a bit of dough.  Additionally, if you want to register without attending the parade, you can do so online for $20 which will benefit homeless animal rescue and adoption.

Don’t forget about the Barkus Royal Ball!  Friday, February 13.  Unfortunately, this black-tie event is for humans only.  Find out more information here.

Check out these great pics from last years parade:


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Playing a Trivia Game Provides FREE KIBBLE to Animal Shelters!

I came across this great website today that provides free kibble to animal shelters.  free

All you have to do is answer their trivia question each day and they will provide 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters to feed their hungry dogs and cats.  You (and the animals) win, whether you get the answer right or wrong!!  How great is that?

Freekibble’s first donation was to the Humane Society of Central Oregon- a whopping 240 lbs of kibble!!  Since then, they have raised over 285,000 lbs of kibble and have 13 shelters across the country on a monthly program.  Please visit to play the trivia game, feed hungry animals, and learn more about this great organization!!  And please- spread the word!!!

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Help us support ANIMALS

We just added a Social Vibe widget in order to help fundraising efforts for animals.  If you click on our SocialVibe widget “Help me support animals,” you can participate in quick and free activities that help earn donations that will be distributed to a variety of animal-related charities, including the spcaLA, the Whaleman Foundations, and Peta2.  Please help us earn donations for these animal loving charities!

You know the animals would do it for you!!!! 🙂