About Us

Nola Pet Source is your place for all things pets!  We want to create an online community of pet and animal lovers, both in the New Orleans area and around the country.  We encourage communication through comments on posts, participation in polls, and emails (Nolapetsource@gmail.com).  We want to know what YOU want to read about.  Nola Pet Source is here to make your life with your pets as simple and fulfilling as possible.  Please share your experiences, difficulties, accomplishments, questions, and answers.  We want this blog to be as much about you and your pets as possible!


Our Authors:

Elise moved to New Orleans, LA in August of 2002 to attend Tulane University. After graduation, she decided to make New Orleans her permanent home. The first addition to her furry family was Milo the Rocky Mountain kitty. A year later she adopted her beloved Chihuahua Bean. She has always been an animal lover, and grew up in a household of standard poodles, cats, and a lop-eared bunny. Her interests in writing and her devotion to her pets lead to the idea of starting a pet-centered blog with her animal-loving friend Allison.

Allison moved to Hammond, LA in August of 2009.  Her furry family members include one very prissy, but loving and adorable, cat named Cleo, an exuberant and over-whelmingly cute schnoodle puppy named Ellie, a shy but adventurous dog named Zoe, and two adorable bunnies named Marley and Nunzio.  Outdoors, she cares for a flock of egg-laying chickens, a turkey, and a wonderful family of feral cats.  Her feral cats include two mama cats and six adorable kittens.  The cats were living under the house when she and her husband moved in, and they have been caring for them ever since.  Allison has been interested in animals her entire life and has had a wide array of pets over the years. These include, chameleons, gold fish, many cats, a few rabbits, turtles, and dogs.  She has also cared for several baby birds including robins, gold-finches, and sparrows who had fallen from their nests, been injured, or been abandoned.

They’re both very excited about connecting pet-owners and animal lovers and providing them with comprehensive pet information, all in one place.


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